Reliance Broadcast Network Limited owns BIG FM, one of India’s largest radio network with 58 stations, reaches out to 1200+ towns and 50,000+ villages and over 45 crore Indians across the country under.

About BIG FM: BIG FM, known for its timeless music has evolved with the changing times. The new tag line of ‘Dhun Badal Ke Toh Dekho’ reflects the philosophy that ‘Changing the world for the better starts with changing your thoughts’.

With the new positioning, BIG FM is playing a meaningful, relevant and compelling role in the lives of consumers. It will not just be about entertainment but a brand that has a purpose.

With its extensive reach, hyper-local content and credible RJs the brand will play the role of a ‘thought inspirer’ and an agent of positive change in society. Realigning the programming to reflect the new positioning, BIG FM has refreshed the music promise playing favorite music tested with the audience besides bringing on board some big names from the Radio and entertainment spaces across all key markets.

Storytelling: We believe that great advertising is about the art of telling memorable stories. We excel at creating compelling short stories series which can have an immediate impact on radio as well as other digital channels

Music : By combining the brand messages with music, we ensure that the audience’s interest in the advertiser remains long after the message has been delivered

Digital Videos: We create long and short format videos with stories and music that are used for brand amplification across digital platforms

BIG FM's original content-led initiative, across platforms, has led to the successful delivery of the new brand messaging to a wider TG. With such unique content expertise at one's disposal, it is imperative to have the brand and its various aspects known and leveraged to its utmost capability.

BIG FM’s focus on creating effective and unique ideas clearly reflects the brand ideology of standing out. It is certain that with this strategy, the brand would be in the position to enhance the desired brand image by highlighting the core aspects relevant to the radio station’s TG and stakeholders in the most effective manner.

The network's occasion-based programming, CSR Activities, and client integrated campaigns strongly reflect its Dhun Badalke toh Dekho ethos. The original content-based shows and engaging brand-led campaigns has consistently won accolades at prestigious industry awards like the EMVIES, ABBYs, Asian Customer Engagement Awards, Indian Radio Forum & New York Festival.