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Winning NMIs @ BIG ..

There are dreams and then there are dreams and some of them do come true J. For me, Paris was one of the most sought holiday destinations… where I just got to enjoy this holiday, at an all paid company expense for simply doing my job and doing it well. I thought I'd just share this with you… so you see and understand the opportunities that RBNL offers each of us.

I joined the RBNL (then called Adlabs Radio) in June 2007 and its been a true roller coaster ride. Winning the Paris Trip was a wonderful experience and a dream come true..Paris is the most beautiful country and I got to see amazingly beautiful places. Just so you know, this is the second International NMI trip I have been for the first being Bangkok few months back.

At BIG, the simple feeling of being appreciated for simply doing your job is phenomenal.


Its never Boring @ BIG!

There are several emotions I have experienced in my last few years with RBNL, sometimes in the space of a single hour ! But boredom is definitely not one of them.

In an organization as dynamic as we are, the odds that opportunity will tap you on the shoulder and give you the chance to do something you may not even have imagined for yourself increase tremendously., with a chance every time to refresh & grow your skills  & knowledge.

Elated to be nominated for a one week course in business essentials delivered by visiting faculty from Rutgers Centre for Management Development! The course was a Mini-MBA comprising 5 days of intensive lectures and workshops with a curriculum that covered subjects ranging from Global Macroeconomic Policy and International Trade to Business Strategy, Leadership and Marketing.

At BIG, talent, potential & good work never go unnoticed. Enjoying every bit of the BIG rollercoaster ride while I wait in eager anticipation for the next thrilling twist.


Endless Opportunities @ BIG !

From being to a trainee at RBNL with 92.7 BIG FM… to an RJ and Music Scheduler where I stand today, the journey of 4+ years at BIG has been exciting and thrilling and allows me to live a passion as a profession! One of the key organizational traits that I can boast about to friends and family is the fairness in treatment and growth based on merit! Hard work and perseverance … at a slightly faster speed than most other places J…is always recognized.

Having proved my capabilities as a jock and scheduler, I was entrusted the responsibility of taking over the responsibilities of Music at Delhi Station from Kanpur! I marched forward with my newly assigned task and could successfully do so only because of my boss' and colleagues who have been ever so supportive, guiding and patient with me.

Here's to one endless opportunities within one of India's fastest growing companies!


BIG Learnings!

For me two things define BIG – LEARNING AND DYNAMISM. This is my first company and am more than sure that I wouldn't have learnt and done so much anywhere else.

I still remember my first day @ RBNL Chennai. There was so much to learn right from the first day from every associate. Be it from sales team, RJs, EPs, programming, producers, finance or collections. It wasn't just the creativity/knowledge in them but the urge to get things done and not sit on an idea/plan.

And the best part is that the learning never stops, at least it hasn't stopped in my 4 years with BIG. The company is always growing and giving you new opportunities. From Radio to Ground Activations to Outdoor to Digital to IPs to TV. And am sure this is the just the beginning, hundreds of more radio and TV channels and other media platforms to come.